Better late then never, but here you finally have our little report from our fantastic meeting together with Doguehill┤s kennel in ┼STORP 30/7-05. We had a wonderful day, even if it was raining A LOT some of the day. We had some kind of funny aktivitys for the dogs and owners. Check out our pictures. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALL OUR PUPPYBUYERS AND ALL OUR BORDEAUX FRIENDS FOR A WONDEFUL YEAR! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR...

Doguehill┤s Bridget Jones alias "Furia" in obdience training.

Athena is NOT dreawling at all:-)

Doguehill┤s Castor loves the coockies:-)

Doguehill┤s Boss a very handsom blackmasked boy.

Belburgo┤s Houdini alias Cognac the most cosy and wonderful male.

Here can you see the big boy Amberistic Knut alias Clinton

Here comes our danish friend with Doguehill┤s Alice

Here is Doguehill┤s Betty Boop & Doguhill┤s Copy Cat and their friend a little Jack Russel:-)

One of the children found a cute little frog.

Our two honeurmembers (Guinness Petit Basset Griffon VendeÚn) & Gipsi (Briard)

Elisabeth & Belburgo┤s Kleopatra in action with the obdiencetraining.

Belburgo┤s Habanera alias Allis has become a beautiful lady

Little sweetie Belburgo┤s Maxima alias Freja

And here is one of the big sweeties Belburgo┤s Lacoste alias Simson.

Panama De El Siscar alias Barbie

Sara shows ring training with Belburgo┤s La Luna.

Here is a real beauty Shakira with a VERY nice collar:-)

Another one of our honeurmembers the Mastino Napoletano

Guinness saying hello to a very handsome girl: Belburgo┤s Kleopatra

Here we have the sugarbabe Belburgo┤s La Luna.

Brother & sister love between Belburgo┤s Mascarpone "Malte" & Belburgo┤s Maxima "Freja"

Some dogue de bordeaux talking

The barbeque starts, mmmmm.....

Yam yam mummy Belburgo┤s Madame having a nice time with mum & grandmother:-)

Having a very nice time with talking and eating barbeque.

Singha have the best view and place:-)

The End of the meeting the pictures with all doggies and owners.